Say Goodbye to Unsightly Tree Stumps

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Tree Stumps

Hire a stump removal specialist in Hickory, NC

If you're tired of tripping over or looking at ugly tree stumps in your yard, hire Stumps by Dan for stump removal services in the Hickory, NC area. During tree stump removal, we'll grind down stumps with specialized machinery, remove root systems and fill in the holes.We have track stump grinders to get into the small places and we have the areas largest stump grinder to get 18 inches below the ground. No matter how many tree stumps you need removed, our specialists have got you covered.

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Create open space in your yard

Stumps by Dan specializes in tree stump removal in Hickory, NC and surrounding areas. Removing tree stumps will:

  1. Get rid of roots growing into waterlines, sewer lines, and lifting sidewalks
  2. Create open space where a patio or jungle gym can be installed
  3. Improve the appearance of your yard

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